Jianrong Tao  (陶建容) 风天

Game AI Technical Expert (October 2020~Present)

Director of Game AI Group, NetEase Fuxi Tech, Hangzhou

User Profiling Researcher (April 2017~October 2020)

Director of User Profiling Group, NetEase Fuxi AI Lab, Hangzhou

PhD, Crowdsourcing Researcher (September 2021~Present)

MA.Sc, Mobile Data Mining Researcher (April 2014~March 2017)

College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University

Research Interests: Game AI, User Modeling, Data Mining, Crowdsourcing, etc.

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I am PhD in engineering college from Zhejiang University under the supervision of Prof. Gang Pan. I received the MA.Sc. degree in computer science from Zhejiang University in 2017,  and the B.S. degree in computer science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2014.  My research interests include game AI, user modeling and data mining, with an emphasis on applying computational models to addressing problems in online games, such as game safety, game AI, matchmaking system, recommender system, model interpretation, causal analysis, federated learning, etc. I am currently a game AI technical expert and director of game AI group in NetEase Fuxi Tech, Hangzhou, China. I focused on frontier research and technology transformation in online games and published more than 40 papers including AAAI, KDD, ACMMM, Ubicomp, CIKM, DASFAA, CoG, TKDE, TOIS, TKDD, TCYB, etc. I received the best paper award in CoG 2020, SMDS 2020 and Ubicomp 2016. My work has been successfully applied to a number of important games in NetEase, such as: Justice PC, Ghosts PC, Ghosts Mobile, Revelation PC, Revelation Mobile, Knives Out PC, Fever Basketball, etc.

陶建容(花名风天,网易伏羲游戏AI技术负责人),浙江大学计算机博士,毕业后加入网易并参与组建伏羲游戏人工智能实验室,负责游戏用户画像方向前沿研究与技术转化工作,主要研究面向游戏用户的智能画像服务系统与平台,致力于解决游戏中外挂检测、战场匹配、智能推荐、预测归因等重点难题,在数据挖掘、人工智能、游戏等领域发表近40篇论文(KDDAAAIIJCAIACM MMTKDETOISToG等),获得Ubicomp2016CoG2020SMDS2020最佳论文奖,担任ACM信息与知识管理会议(2019)、ACM数据挖掘与知识发现会议(2019)、IEEE数据挖掘会议(2020-2021)程序委员会委员,担任ACM杭州分会执行委员会委员。申请30多项发明专利和10多项软件著作,相关研究成果在网易多款游戏中投入应用(《逆水寒》、《倩女幽魂》、《天谕》、《永劫无间》等)。目前负责网易伏羲游戏AI技术和商业化工作,面向游戏行业推出涵盖研发、运营、营销全链路的人工智能解决方案(游戏竞技机器人、游戏外挂防控、游戏智能匹配推荐、游戏虚拟形象等),致力于用伏羲AI赋能游戏行业降本增效,全面释放创作者的生产力,革新玩家游戏体验。


2021/09/04: I will give a talk at the 2021 A2M (互联网架构与机器学习创新峰会) in Shanghai. [URL]

2021/08/21: I will give a talk at the 2021 UWA Day in Shanghai. [URL]

2021/07/24: I gave a talk at the 2021 Game Developers Conference (GDC 2021). [URL] 

2020/12/20: I gave a talk at the 2020 NetEase Future Conference (网易未来大会 2020) in Hangzhou. [URL]

2020/08/28: I was invited to the 2020 IEEE conference on games (CoG 2020) and received the best paper award.

2020/03/16: I was invited to the 2020 Game Developers Conference (GDC 2020) in San Francisco, CA. [URL]

2019/11/06: I organized a session named "online and user behaviors" at the CIKM 2019 in Beijing, China. [URL]

2019/11/03: I gave a talk at the CIKM 2019 in Beijing, China. [URL]

2019/08/06: I was invited to the KDD 2019 in Anchorage, Alaska. [URL]

2019/03/16: I was invited to the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC 2019) in San Francisco, CA. [URL]

2018/11/22: I gave a talk at the 2018 GPU Technology Conference (GTC China 2018) in Suzhou. [URL]

2018/11/03: I gave a talk at the AICUG Artificial Intelligence Technical Salon in NetEase, Hangzhou. [URL]

2018/08/22: I was invited to the KDD 2018 in London, UK. [URL]

2018/01/06: I gave a talk at the Inspur-NVIDIA AI Training Camp in Shenzhen. [URL]


2020.12 ~ Now     Director of Game AI Group       Fuxi Tech, NetEase.

2017.04 ~ 2020.12         Director of User Profiling Group     Fuxi Lab, NetEase.

2016.05 ~ 2016.10 Shanghai R&D Center           Baidu.

2020.09 ~ Now    Doctor's Degree, College of Engineers   Zhejiang University.

2014.09 ~ 2017.03     Master's Degree, College of Computer Science           Zhejiang University.

2010.09 ~ 2014.06    Bachelor's Degree, College of Computer Science   Huazhong University of S&T.


Jianrong Tao, Yu Xiong, Shiwei Zhao, Yuhong Xu, Jianshi Lin, Runze Wu and Changjie Fan. XAI-driven explainable Multi-view Game Cheating Detection. The 2020 IEEE Conference on Games (CoG 2020[Best Paper Award] [PDF]

Sha Zhao, Julian Ramos, Jianrong Tao, Ziwen Jiang, Shijian Li, Zhaohui Wu, Gang Pan, and Anind Dey. Discovering Different Kinds of Smartphone Users Through Their Application Usage Behaviors. The 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2016) (CCF Rank: A) [Best Paper Award] [PDF]

Meng Xi, Zhiling Luo, Naibo Wang, Jianrong Tao, Ying Li and Jianwei Yin. A Latent Feelings-aware RNN Model for User Churn Prediction with only Behavior Data. (IEEE SmartDataServices 2020) [Best Paper Award] [PDF]

Jianrong Tao, Jiarong Xu, Linxia Gong, Yifu Li, Changjie Fan, and Zhou Zhao. NGUARD: A Game Bot Detection Framework for NetEase MMORPGs. The 24th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2018) (CCF Rank: A) [PDF]

Jianrong Tao, Jianshi Lin, Shize Zhang, Sha Zhao, Runze Wu, Changjie Fan, and Peng Cui. MVAN: Multi-view Attention Networks for Real Money Trading Detection in Online Games. The 25th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2019) (CCF Rank: A) [PDF]

Jianrong Tao, Linxia Gong, Changjie Fan, Longbiao Chen, Dezhi Ye and Sha Zhao. GMTL: A GART Based Multi-task Learning Model for Multi-Social-Temporal Prediction in Online Games. The 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2019) (CCF Rank: B) [PDF]

Jianrong Tao, Linxia Gong. The AI Knows You Better Than Yourself: Mining Player Pursuits in Justice Online. The Game Developers Conference (GDC 2020) [URL]

Jianrong Tao, Jianshi Lin. FUMO Engine: Applying AI to Defeat Cheating in NetEase Games. The Game Developers Conference (GDC 2021) [URL] 

Linxia Gong, Jianrong TaoFind the Right Match: AI Enhanced Matchmaking Practice in NetEase Games. The Game Developers Conference (GDC 2021) [URL

Chuang Zhao, Hongke Zhao, Runze Wu, Qilin Deng, Yu Ding, Jianrong Tao and Changjie Fan. Multi-dimensional Prediction of Guild Health in Online Games: A Stability-Aware Multi-task Learning Approach. The Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2022).

Manhu Qu, Jie Huang, Hao Deng, Runze Wu, Xudong Shen, Jianrong Tao and Tangjie Lv. EasySM: A data-driven intelligent decision support system for server merge. The Thirty-Sixth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2022 Demo Track).

Kai Wang, Zhene Zou, Qilin Deng, Jianrong Tao, Runze Wu, Changjie Fan, Liang Chen and Peng Cui. Reinforcement Learning with a Disentangled Universal Value Function for Item Recommendation. The Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2021) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Yin Gu, Qi Liu, Kai Zhang, Zhenya Huang, Runze Wu and Jianrong TaoNeuralAC: Learning Cooperation and Competition Effects for Match Outcome Prediction. The Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2021) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Qilin Deng, Hao Li, Kai Wang, Zhipeng Hu, Runze Wu, Linxia Gong, Jianrong Tao, Changjie Fan, and Peng Cui. Globally Optimized Matchmaking in Online Games. The 27th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2021) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Linxia Gong, Xiaochuan Feng, Dezhi Ye, Hao Li, Runze Wu, Jianrong Tao, Changjie Fan, and Peng Cui. OptMatch: Optimized MatchMaking via Modeling the High-Order Interactions on the Arena. The 26th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2020) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Sha Zhao, Junwei Fang, Shiwei Zhao, Runze Wu, Jianrong Tao, Shijian Li, and Gang Pan. T-Detector: A Trajectory based Pre-trained Model for Game Bot Detection in MMORPGs. (IEEE ICDE 2022) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Wenbin Li, Xiaokai Chu, Yueyang Su, Shiwei Zhao, Runze Wu, Shize Zhang, Jianrong Tao, Hao Deng, Di Yao, and Jingping Bi. FingFormer: Contrastive Graph-based Finger Opetation Transformer for Unsupervised Mobile Game Bot Detection. (WWW 2022) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Qilin Deng, Minghao Zhao, Kai Wang, Runze Wu, Yu Ding, Zhene Zou, Yue Shang, Jianrong Tao and Changjie Fan. Build Your Own Bundle - A Neural Combinatorial Optimization Method. The ACM MultiMedia (ACM MM 2021) (CCF Rank: A[PDF]

Runze Wu, Hao Deng, Jianrong Tao, Changjie Fan, Qi Liu and Liang Chen. Deep Behavior Tracing with Multi-level Temporality Preserved Embedding. The 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020) (CCF Rank: B[PDF]

Kai Wang, Hao Li, Linxia Gong, Jianrong Tao, Runze Wu, Changjie Fan, Liang Chen and Peng Cui. Match Tracing: A Unified Framework for Real-time Win Prediction and Quantifiable Performance Evaluation. The 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020) (CCF Rank: B[PDF]

Qilin Deng, Kai Wang, Minghao Zhao, Zhene Zou, Runze Wu, Jianrong Tao, Changjie Fan and Liang Chen. Personalized Bundle Recommendation in Online Games. The 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020) (CCF Rank: B[PDF]

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2018103172544-CN108537592A [发明公布] [第一发明人交易检测方法、装置,存储介质和电子装置

2018105735981-CN108875817A [发明公布] [第二发明人识别外挂方法及装置、存储介质、电子装置

2018105924911-CN108905209A [发明公布] [第一发明人] 游戏中的外挂检测方法及系统、电子设备和存储介质

2018110837716-CN109091871A [发明公布] [第二发明人] 游戏外挂玩家检测方法和装置

2018113151578-CN109464807A [发明公布] [第一发明人] 检测游戏外挂的方法、装置和终端

2018113151597-CN109464808A [发明公布] [第一发明人] 检测游戏外挂的方法、装置和终端

2018115492609-CN109603159A [发明公布] [第二发明人] 匹配游戏玩家的方法、装置及系统

2019100370374-CN109754290A [发明公布] [第一发明人] 一种游戏数据的处理方法和装置

2019100375043-CN109767269A [发明公布] [第一发明人] 一种游戏数据的处理方法和装置

2019100546206-CN109821244A [发明公布] [第一发明人] 游戏数据处理方法、装置、存储介质和电子装置

2019101424668-CN109815631A [发明公布] [第三发明人] 一种游戏数据的处理方法和装置

2019109261086-CN110727864A [发明公布] [第三发明人] 一种基于手机App安装列表的用户画像方法

2020101993229-CN111359223A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 游戏中的自动挂检测方法、装置、设备及存储介质

2020101995883-CN111375210A [发明公布] [第四发明人] 游戏中同步器的检测方法、装置、处理设备及存储介质

2020101994880-CN111389013A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 游戏中的自动挂检测方法、装置、设备及存储介质

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2020105949189-CN111729310A [发明公布] [第四发明人] 游戏道具的整理方法、装置和电子设备

2020106555150-CN111773663A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 游戏服务器合并效果预测方法、装置、设备及存储介质

2020106941803-CN111803957A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 一种网络游戏的玩家预测方法、装置、计算机设备和介质

2020107278494-CN111821693A [发明公布] [第八发明人] 游戏的透视外挂检测方法、装置、设备及存储介质

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2020107901822-CN111870958A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 一种道具推荐方法、装置、电子设备和存储介质

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2020108038178-CN111888769A [发明公布] [第六发明人] 一种群组推荐方法、装置、电子设备及存储介质

2020109498569-CN112085532A [发明公布] [第三发明人] 一种插入广告的方法、装置、计算机设备和介质

2020115888849-CN112604297A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 游戏外挂的检测方法、装置、服务器及存储介质

2020116127510-CN112587932A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 游戏外挂的检测方法、装置、电子设备及存储介质

2021100715606-CN112817832A [发明公布] [第五发明人] 游戏服务器的健康状态获取方法、装置、设备及存储介质


As the Member of the Execution Committee of ACM Hangzhou Chapter. (ACM杭州分会执行委员会委员)

As the Member of the Conference Program Committee: CIKM2019(SPC), KDD2019(PC), ICDM2020(PC), ICDM(2021).

As the NetEase Fuxi Party Branck Secretary. (网易伏羲党支部书记)


I joined in NetEase Fuxi Tech and managed a team of 15 Game AI engineers. (October 2020).

I joined in NetEase Fuxi AI Lab and managed a team of 20 User Profiling reseachers and engineers. (April 2017).

managed an entrepreneurial team and co-developed a 3D model display website. (June 2015).

managed an entrepreneurial team and co-founded a smart toy company named Xiao Hei. (April 2012).

I managed an entrepreneurial team and co-developed an APP named Love Note. (May 2011)


2017, awarded Excellent Graduate of Zhejiang University with MA.Cs. degree.

2017, awarded best graduation thesis of Zhejiang University.

2016, awarded National Scholarship.

2014, awarded Excellent Graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology with B.S. degree.

2014, awarded best graduation thesis of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

2013, awarded National Scholarship.

2012, Finalist, "LanQiaoBei" ACM Programming Competition.

2011, Finalist, "ZhongZiBei" Business Plan Competition.